Starting Things And Never Finishing

All my fellow INFPs can probably relay at least many handfuls of times where they started something they never end up finishing. We go into things with such passion and an honest intention of completing them. However, after a few weeks, days, or just hours, we get distracted by something else. This distraction can lead to other distractions. Soon, the passionate project we want to complete continues to only be an idea in our head. INFP seems to stand for I Never Finish Projects.

What Causes Us To Not Finish Projects

1. Aiming too High

Sometimes we create a very robust idea that would take a lot of time and effort. It is not to say it can’t be done, but it just won’t be done as fast as an INFP would like: immediatelySometimes if there is a deadline set for us, the grandiose ideas can’t be accomplished in that time frame. This can cause an INFP to give up completely on the idea because it will never be as good as they wanted. Or they will put things off because they are afraid they won’t be able to meet those expectations. I personally think the phrase “lazy …

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The Dark Side of INFPs

I often found that the description of an INFP can sound something like a happy little imp frolicking through the forest. This same imp lays under the stars dreaming of fantastical creatures. Think Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, or Lulu from League of Legends. However I know that I and many other INFPs have a dark side to them that doesn’t fit that idealistic image.

INFPs Get Sad or Depressed Easily and Often

The dark side of an INFP can be a sad and lonely one. INFPs often make decisions based on their feelings. That is because we often feel A LOT and very strongly. These lyrics from The Front Bottoms instantly resonated with me and made me think how INFP-like they were:

“When I am sad, I am sad
But when I’m happy, oh god I am happy
there’s just no place in-between for us to meet “

The Front Bottoms – Flashlight

INFPs can often feel overemotional because of how intense our feelings can be. Those feelings allow me to extremely appreciate the nights out with friends laughing, or when someone lets me know I really helped them out by listening to them. However, it can also make …

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Learning To Just DO Without Overthinking

When you spend all your time overthinking, it makes it difficult to get anything done. It can be exhausting thinking so much to the point it halts all your actions. I often find myself wishing I could turn off my brain and enjoy the moment.

INFP’s ability to get lost and live in their head is both a blessing and a curse. I often can spend hours contemplating ideas and different worlds, but then reality comes crashing down. I have to get some work done in the physical, as opposed to, imaginative world. When it comes to the real world, I often find it very hard to improvise. You know those people you have worked with on a school project who have not prepared at all for the upcoming presentation? But then they wing it and sound comfortable and knowledgeable? Then there is me who has left the project until the last minute, but stayed up all night trying to prepare. Regardless of my preparation time, I let out a fraction of what I planned to say. And along the way, also eliminated all my “funny” jokes I was going to throw in.

It is not only presentations, but just …

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Five Common Struggles of an INFP

As an INFP, I often wonder if life would be easier as a different MBTI type. While there are many good sides to being an INFP, there are also many things INFPs struggle with. Here are a few common INFP struggles I have encountered.

1. Seeming Distant But Caring A LOT

INFPs often do not have many friends, but instead choose to have a few close ones. However, they can often seem distant even to close friends. That partially comes from being an introvert and wanting alone space and time. As an INFP, I can get so lost in my head that the simple task of sending a text could take a few days. It is important to remember to take time to check in on friends and be the one to initiate the conversation once in awhile. It sometimes is difficult to show my feelings on my face or in my words. Being able to communicate through writing allows INFPs to share their feelings in a comfortable way. Having time to think through their words can allow for more meaningful communication at their own pace.

2. Not Knowing What To Do in Life

This is a common problem among …

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