Five Things I Wish People Knew About Talking To INFPs.

As an INFP, there are a few things I would like people to know about talking to us. Don’t get me wrong. Talking to an INFP is actually a very easy thing to do. We are good listeners, we probably won’t judge you harshly, and we are more worried about what we are going to say. However, I think some people might get the wrong impression of me and I wish I could give them a guidebook so they knew where I was coming from.

When I am Silent, I am Thinking.

I actually am a shy person, but often my silence isn’t due to shyness. Usually when I am silent, it is because I need time to form thoughts. There is a reason I hate being put on the spot, or having to go present something with inadequate preparation. Texting and writing is also more comfortable because I can backspace, erase, and think. I was terrible at raising my hand in school not only, because I felt like what I would have to say might not be important, but because by the time I thought of something I wanted to say, the topic had changed. I think that is …

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