Five Common Struggles of an INFP

As an INFP, I often wonder if life would be easier as a different MBTI type. While there are many good sides to being an INFP, there are also many things INFPs struggle with. Here are a few common INFP struggles I have encountered.

1. Seeming Distant But Caring A LOT

INFPs often do not have many friends, but instead choose to have a few close ones. However, they can often seem distant even to close friends. That partially comes from being an introvert and wanting alone space and time. As an INFP, I can get so lost in my head that the simple task of sending a text could take a few days. It is important to remember to take time to check in on friends and be the one to initiate the conversation once in awhile. It sometimes is difficult to show my feelings on my face or in my words. Being able to communicate through writing allows INFPs to share their feelings in a comfortable way. Having time to think through their words can allow for more meaningful communication at their own pace.

2. Not Knowing What To Do in Life

This is a common problem among …

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