Thoughts on INFPs and Routines

As an INFP, I have a love-hate relationship with routines. I have always been envious of others who can lay out a schedule for themselves, and follow it to a T. Previously, I wrote about how INFPs are good at starting things without finishing, and I do just that with routines. I can write out a pretty schedule, make all the calendars and to-do lists in the world, but that’s where I get stuck. It is just so easy to shove it aside after awhile.

I sometimes find routines so limiting. They can keep me from being able to spend my time doing things I want to be doing after all. And when routines are not flexible, it can be miserable.  I am someone who could be perfectly happy spending a whole day in my day dreams, not being very productive. I just don’t feel this sense of urgency that I need to be productive every second of every day. This makes a schedule not a top priority for me. I like the freedom of being able to use my time in a way that will make me happy. That can often mean falling out of routine or off …

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